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One of my fondest memories as a child was jumping into my father’s arms.  We lived in a bi-level home and my dad would stand in the entrance way of our home at the base of our stairs and I would run through the kitchen toward him and at the top of the staircase I would leap straight off and into my dad’s open arms at the bottom of the stairs.  For just a brief second, I felt like I could fly.   I would back up further and further hoping that the more speed I would gain, the longer my flight would last.  This pattern of takeoff, flight and landing could go on for a long time.   As I grew older I often looked back and wondered why my dad would invite such a strenuous activity especially considering that I have four siblings; this would almost always turn into a group activity.  We kids knew for certain that our five pairs of young legs could outlast his one pair of arms.   There is just something special about a child leaping into their father’s arms.  I carried this on with my two boys as they would want to jump off of anything into my arms whether it was a dresser, counter top, ladder and even the stair case.   As a father I am now on the receiving end and I have learned a very important lesson.  This lesson is that as much fun as it was for me to feel like I was flying as a child, it was more special for my father who was catching us.  I realized this special joy the first time my son took a leap into my arms; I enjoyed this more than he did.  It was like a light bulb went off in my head, this is why my dad would invite us to jump…he wanted to catch us.   I can’t help but think that our Heavenly Father is the same way.  He continually asks us to jump not just so we get to experience the exhilaration of feeling that we can fly; but so that He can experience the joy of catching His children.  As you and I stand on the edge and feel the call to take a leap of faith…are we willing to jump into the arms of our loving God  who is standing just below with open arms ready to catch and protect us?